Pirates of Black Cove Releases Along With New Trailer

Come on, Pirates get all the treasure and booty. That's got to count for something.

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Real time strategy pirate game, Pirates of Black Cove, released just recently on August 2nd for the PC.  Control a loyal and cunning group of pirates across an open world.  You actually control a rogue band of these salty sea dogs as they traverse the oceans in order to unite three different pirate factions: the pirates, corsairs, and the buccaneers.  Joining these groups will give you the chance to become the “King of All Pirates”.  If the trailer above did not sway your heart in the direction of Pirates of Black Cove, perhaps the demo will which you can download here.  This game retails for $19.99.


[Image via Paradox Interactive]

[Video via Paradox Interactive and Youtube]

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar

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