Street Fighter X Tekken Gamescom 2011 Trailer

New trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken detailing the team mechanics and new characters.

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The trailer above is the newest video for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken.  Announced are four new characters: the Street Fighter team gets the ninja girl Ibuki and monstrous sized man Hugo. The Tekken side has now added the international intelligence agent Raven and the franchise beloved bear Kuma.  The new trailer is rather special because not only does it show off some new characters, but it also explains how team mechanics factor into combat.  It shows how characters will switch out, launch opponents into switches, cross rushes, cross arts, and cross assaults.

The cross maneuvers seem to be particularly intense. Cross rushes look to be pretty easy to pull off since you just press light+medium+heavy punch and then another heavy punch to switch out a character and continue the combo.  Players can do it again to to bring out the first character, but not continue the combo.  Cross arts seem to be the flashiest tactic in the game.  A cross art is where one character lands and finishes a super art with a second character swapped in afterwards to pull off their own super art.

Cross assault seems to be where a lot of the damage can be done.  This is where one player can put two characters on the screen at the same time.  They will share a health bar, and the player will do one input for one character then the next input for the second team mate.  The trailer shows really good examples of how these tactics will be used in advanced play.  Check out the trailer and leave comments on what you think about these new tactics and characters in Street Fighter X Tekken.

[Video via GameMaser2k5]

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