Deus Ex Missing Link Trailer and Details

Square teases next month's DLC.

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Adam Jensen’s not looking so good these days, but then again, you probably wouldn’t either after being tortured by Belltower agents. Unfortunately for him, those diabolical little bastards have also disabled all of the augmentations he received over the course of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution campaign. His loss is your gain, though, as players of October’s Missing Link DLC will be able to choose an all new upgrade path for Jensen after Eidos throws the figurative do-over switch.

Anyone who downloads the content will be making some new in-game friends and enemies while attempting to uncover some sort of shadowy conspiracy. Seems to us that all conspiracies are shadowy by their very nature, but we don’t care that much as long as Eidos delivers a good excuse for gamers to continue Jensen’s escapades.

[Video via Game Helper.]

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