Final Fantasy XIII-2 Release Date Announcement Announced

All signs point to Square revealing the date at TGS 2011.

After a year and a half in the cooker, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is now 90% complete, revealed publisher Square Enix during a weekend Q & A session. Now that development is so far along, a release date announcement is impending. When questioned about the announcement, Director Motumu Toriyama replied: “It will be announced at Tokyo XXXXXX.” Famitsu decoded that by counting the number of Xs and revealed that it was the same as in the Japanese word for “Game Show.” You know what that means, folks: Tokyo Game Show 2011.

Square’s PR department also saw fit to mention that the mystery man who was seen fighting Lightning during the game’s debut trailer would be introduced all proper-like at the show. When questioned in regards to the title being supported by DLC, a higher-up c-blocked (content blocked, that is) a panelist from saying anything beyond the fact that they are looking into it. Sounds like a done deal to us; otherwise, why not just shoot down the idea? On top of that, when it came to the subject of a collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XIII-2 the response was that they are “really actively looking into it.”

As for the game itself, Square copped up to it being a bit shorter in length than its predecessor. They are, however, hoping to stretch out its longevity by including new features such as time travel, fragments that power said time travel and a monster-raising component. In all, over 150 monsters will appear in the game for players to train.

Stay tuned to Mash Those Buttons throughout TGS, which takes place from September 15 – 18, for updates on FFXIII-2 and much, much more.

[Source: Andriasang]

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