Final Fantasy XIII-2 Release Date, Trailers, Screens

Square's sequel is coming in January and we've got some new media to ease your wait.

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Square Enix today announced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will release on January 31st, 2012 in North America. The RPG is a direct sequel to 2010’s Final Fantasy XIII. Despite the game itself not hitting store shelves for several months yet, Square also made mention of its plans for downloadable content.

Few concrete details were provided, but we do know that the first piece – it’s unclear whether or not there will be more – is called Prologue and it takes place three years after Cocoon dropped out of the sky like a dead duck and plowed into the world of Gran Pulse. The publisher hinted that the DLC’s story will revolve around Serah’s quest to track down Lightning.

And since all of that still isn’t enough to satisfy you, a fresh batch of screens have also been released alongside two new trailers that were first shown at Tokyo Game Show. Much of the footage consists of CG cut-scenes, but it eventually transitions into some actual gameplay. Give it a look if you’re curious about the battle system, which is looking mighty similar to the one from its predecessor. It’s not all old hat, though; players will now be able to command monsters in battle.

Finally, likely in response to the heavy criticism that FF XIII received for its linearity, a changed in philosophy in regards to the level design has occurred, with the focus now being on “encouraging exploration.”

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