Major Mass Effect 3 Announcement on the Way

EA teases a big revelation about its upcoming RPG.

Who’s ready for some news about news? Publisher Electronic Arts let word slip at its Las Vegas convention that some sort of something is going to be revealed about BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 in the coming days. Well, that doesn’t sound particularly exciting; let’s try this again…

The second largest third party publisher in the world is about to release the proverbial megaton in regards to 2012’s most hotly-anticipate RPG. Oh my god, wow! Wild speculation originating from news-deprived fans on the internet points to it possibly being the long-rumored multiplayer announcement. Of course, there is nothing solid backing that up, but feel free to hype yourself up to your heart’s content. Are you hyping yet? You should be.

Ahem, the news originated from EA’s Andy Katkin who said that it would be “big news that a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting.” No one outside of EA and BioWare knows when exactly the bomb will be dropped, but it will supposedly happen sometime within the next few days. Whenever it goes down, you can count on MTB to bring you all the details. Until then, feel free to sound off in the comments on what you think the announcement will be.

[Source: Gaming Everything]

[Image via BioWare.]

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Nick Santangelo
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