Need For Speed: The Run Just Brought Sexy Back

Baby come back! We can blame it all on me.

NFS The Run

Electronic Arts and Sports Illustrated have collaborated in order to bring sexy back.  That is right.  They did not think there was enough in previous games.  On November 15th, you will be able to find out what I mean.  Two swimsuit models will be starring in pretty decent roles within the game.

Irina Shayk, cover model of the 2011 SI Swimsuit edition, and Chrissy Teigen, a feature model in the 2011 issue, star as best friends and the rivals of Jack, the protagonist.  Both companies are also making available a “Making of Need for Speed: The Run”.  Also, there will be a lot of in game promotion for Sports Illustrated.  Just in case you forgot where those models came from.

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar

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