New Skyward Sword Trailers, Details

New footage and character details from the biggest Wii game of the year.

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This November, Nintendo fans will finally have a reason to power those Wiis back on when The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword drops out of the sky. With the release less than two months away now, Nintendo is ramping up its marketing campaign with a couple of new trailers. Watch for some quick peaks at some bosses/mini-bosses and some incredibly cool hookshot action in addition to Link and Zelda’s semi-awkward courtship.

Perhaps knowing that gorgeous new footage alone wouldn’t satisfy the series’ legion of fans, the publisher has also coughed up some info on the game’s characters. As you have no doubt gleaned from literally every single trailer to be released to date, the game opens in the floating city of Skyloft. Link is all set to compete in a bird-flying match – the winner of which will be granted a part in some sort of “special ceremony” with Zelda – when the titular character is abducted. The two have been friends since their youth, so it’s no surprise that Link will go questing after her in the game.

A close family member of Zelda will also make an appearance in the game: her father. Her old man gets alluded to in a number of games in the series, but he is rarely seen on-screen – not so this time around. Zelda’s dad, Gaepora, is the headmaster of Link’s school and is said to have a deep knowledge pool of Skyloft’s history and legends. Nintendo kept quiet on whether or not Gaepora will end up ruling Hyrule before the game is over, but it’s probably a safe assumption that that will happen.

As mentioned, Link’s school will be in the game and he apparently has a rival classmate by the name of Groose. With a name like that, you’re pretty much destined to be a ne’er-do-well. Groose is quite the bully around the campus and he messes up Link’s shot at winning the flying competition. Nintendo also revealed that the character has a “jealous streak” when it comes to our hero’s relationship with Zelda.

The other NPC that Nintendo released details about is one that series fans have been seeing since the very first piece of artwork was released way back when in conjunction with the game’s announcement. Fi, as she is called, is the “spirit of the powerful Goddess Sword” that the game’s subtitle presumably refers to. She will offer guidance to Link while he endeavors to create the Master Sword.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will release exclusively for Wii on November 20th in North America.

[Source: Nintendo]

[Video via Zelda Master 2010.]

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