Rumor: Half-Life 2 Ep. 3 Code Found Amongst Leaked DotA 2

Is Gordon Freeman hiding inside the source code of Valve's upcoming title?

Back in 2007 gamers were treated to one of the finest expansion packs ever crafted: Half-Life 2 Episode 2. Ever since then we have all been forced to impatiently await any word whatsoever on Episode 3 other than that it is indeed planned for release sometime between now and the end of civilization as we know it. We can’t bring you news of the project, but we do have rumors, delicious rumors.

A Vietnamese beta tester for Valve’s DotA 2 took it upon himself to dump the entire game client, complete with all associated files, onto this here internet. Reports state the game is playable to anyone who lacks moral fiber and has no objections to pirating software. Speaking of fiber, intrepid gamers immediately delved deep into the digital weave of the game’s code and found what is supposedly code for the Last Free Man’s next not-so-free game.

The code contains references to an ice-gun and a flamethrower, both of which would be new additions to the series. Additionally something called a “weaponizer” is mentioned in the code. Three different abilities are referenced in regards to the thing: concrete, metal, and liquid. Interesting stuff, to be sure.

Since our very own Jarret Redding is so pumped up for the next release in the series that he regularly makes empty threats to kidnap Gabe Newell on our weekly Mashcast, the staff here at MTB would love to believe that this stuff is legitimate. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing whether or not it is, and it would certainly be a strange location for Valve to drop the code. Judging by their past responses to questioning and rumors, you can expect the developer to confirm the weapons as soon as never rolls around.

[Source: Lambda Generation]

[Image via Games Radar.]

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