Beta Plans for Counter-Strike: GO Have Stopped

As easy as it is to make puns right now, a bunch of CS 1.6 fans just got simultaneously super angry and sad.

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There’s a little bit of rough news on the web for Counter-Strike fans today. In response to feedback by some of the most hardest of core (read: professional) Counter-Strike 1.6 players, Valve has decided to shelve the closed beta invites for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the foreseeable future. According to the developer, there’s still a lot of tuning and tweaking to be done before even a small section of the CS audience will get to thoroughly test it.

While this delay is unfortunate, it’s not wholly unexpected. Valve is well-known for being very particular with its release windows and beta phases. How this delay may affect the projected early 2012 release date for Counter-Strike: GO remains to be seen.

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