EA vs EA…Fight?


In a recently filed lawsuit, Electronic Arts is suing the sports-based company Energy Armor for copyright infringements.  Energy Armor is a fitness company from Florida that uses a logo strikingly  similar to that of Electronic Arts’. Now, if you look at the two company logos, it’s really easy to see why EA would get upset:

A quote from a written complain from EA has been quoted as saying the following:

“Energy Armor’s use of the Energy Armor EA Mark is likely to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive consumers as to an affiliation, connection, or association between Energy Armor and Electronic Arts.”

Electronic Arts wants the courts to order the immediate discontinued use of Energy Armor’s logo, to receive damages from lost profits, profits generated through Energy Armors use of their logo, damages for corrective advertising, and attorney’s fees on top of having the courts strike down Energy Armor’s pending trademark.  Either way, I’m not at all surprised that Electronic Arts is lashing out as hard as they are.  If I hadn’t done a little research myself, I could easily see myself confusing Energy Armor’s logo with that of EA.  I imagine this case to be pretty cut and dry.  What do you think?

[ Source: Gamasutra ]

Jason Bond
Jason Bond
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