Final Fantasy XIII-2 Pre-order Incentives

Real life loot.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Fans have to wait a whole holiday season to play Final Fantasy XIII-2 which releases on January 31, 2012.  You may want to get your pre-order in now, though, because there are perks for doing so at various retailers.  GameStop customers who pre-order will receive an alternative costume for Sarah which is visible throughout the entire game.  Amazon’s orders will receive a coliseum battle with a boss character, “Omega”, who will join the player’s party afterwards.  Finally, Best Buy orders will receive a collectible hardcover book that contains a story that connects Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2.  So you can now pick and choose who you would like to pre-order this upcoming game from with thanks to our handy dandy article here.  Keep in mind that these incentives are only confirmed for the North American market and not any other so you will have to check with your market.

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
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