Fridays in the Key of Geek: Portal 2 Soundtrack, Volume 3

Part the last.

Today is a happy/sad day for me, because today I downloaded the third and final volume of the Portal 2 soundtrack, Songs to Test By. As I’ve mentioned before, the Portal 2 soundtrack holds a special place for me, because it’s part of the reason this segment is on the site at all. So, while it’s cool to have the last volume on my computer, it does feel a bit like the end of something magical.

As far as the soundtrack itself goes, it’s as awesome as the last two and finally sees the inclusion of Jonathan Coulton’s ‘Want You Gone.’ In fact, in the final tally of the 64 songs Valve released for free, only two from the game didn’t make it: The National’s haunting ‘Exile Vilify,’ and Larry Stephens’ smooth jazz inspired ‘Offering.’ Neither made it into the release due to the original artists’ copyrights, but the other songs available more than make up for their absence.

You can download volume 3 — and any other volumes you might be missing from the soundtrack — here. You can also download ringtones for Android and iPhone there as well, including one for ‘Want You Gone.’ And if you’re curious, you can listen to the two missing tracks below.

The National – ‘Exile Vilify’:

There used to be an embeded media player here, but it doesn't work anymore. We blame the Tumbeasts.

Larry Stephens – ‘Offering’:

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Robert Hill-Williams
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