Need for Speed: The Run Will Feature Some (Television) Starpower

Fast cars, pretty ladies, and tough guys - three staples of the NFS franchise.

NFS: The Run
There have been a few iterations in the series since Need for Speed has tried to use television personalities as a narrative element, but The Run is apparently going to be a return to form this year. Starring (in digital form) in this year’s Need for Speed will be two popular television actors: Christina Hendricks and Sean Faris.

If these two names may not ring many bells, then just let us here at MTB clear things up for you. Fans of the TV show Vampire Diaries will recognize Faris as one of the main actors in that program. He fulfills the obligatory rival role in The Run’s story. So there’s that.

Then there’s Christina Hendricks – who some of you may be more familiar with from her role on Firefly as Ms. Mal Reynolds (“special sort of hell, etc”). Known more recently for her role in AMC’s Mad Men, Hendricks takes on the mantle of the protagonist’s manager in all his illegal street races. Also, she’s very pretty. Go look her up; we’ll wait.

While we here at Mash Those Buttons question the need for any celebrity talent (television counts, yes), it seems EA is hoping to bring in a bit of the more casual crowd with their newest racer. Fans of arcade racing can expect the The Run on November 15.

Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits
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