New CG Trailer for Prototype 2 Shows Off Collar-Flipping Antagonist

All post-apocalyptic activities will be followed up with an evening of flip cup and Dane Cook.

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Prototype 2 is still slated for a release sometime next year, but that hasn’t stopped Activision from releasing a new trailer at this year’s New York Comic-Con. All sizzle and no gameplay, the new trailer (seen above) shows off a potential new bad guy that Mr. Alex Mercer is going to have to deal with. While he appears to have many of Mercer’s abilities, it seems he is superior to the original Prototype‘s protagonist in two key areas: one being his apparent control over mutant monsters, and the other being his frat membership (as seen by his flipped collar).

[Source via CGRTrailers]

[Image via GameInformer]

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