Opening Cinematic for Final Fantasy Type-0

The sadness of war.

Final Fantasy Type-0

It’s all in Japanese, but here is Final Fantasy Type-0‘s opening cinematic in all its war-torn (and surprisingly bloody) glory. The video skips over what I assume are intervening gameplay portions, but that’s OK, because we’ve seen a bit of that already. Instead, we get a feel for the mood Square Enix is setting, which is a good bit more oppressive and gritty than any Final Fantasy before it.

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It remains to be seen if the hardship and bloody physical agony we see play out for NPC citizens in the Suzaku Fiefdom of Rubrum extends to the game’s main characters as well. It’s a little too often we see people killed by the thousands during a game, and yet the worst fate a main character will suffer is shedding a few tears and getting some dirt in their perfectly coiffed hair.

[Source: EGM]

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