Sazh Introduced as Final Fantasy XIII-2 Character

Also inside: info on Casino and the new Time Labyrinth System.

Dengeki, a Japanese magazine, has secured some new info in regards to next year’s Final Fantasy XIII-2. The mag reports that Sazh from FFXIII will be making a return in the follow-up. Birdbrain will be on some sort of quest/mission/thing to make Gran Pulse a better place. How noble of him.

Square is also planning to introduce a new system known as Time Labyrinths. These are essentially a series of dungeons with floors that disappear on the player. The player will be tasked with collecting crystals while exploring said dungeons in order to advance. Easier labyrinths will be part of the main quest and more challenging ones will form optional side missions.

Finally, the casino portion of the RPG will be set in the city of Xanadu. Players can look forward to Chocobo races and slot machine mini-games once there.

Square’s RPG will release in North America on January 31, 2012.

[Source: Final Fantasy XIII-2]

[Image via Final Fantasy Wikia.]

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