DmC: Devil May Cry Screens

The name is redundant. The images, are not.

Dante may be stuck in an alternate dimension and in a game with an eye-rollingly-bad name, but that isn’t stopping him from busting out some pretty new pics of next year’s DmC: Devil May Cry. The new screens show nega-Dante fighting hordes of baddies in Limbo City as well as a few bosses and Devil Trigger Mode. When activated, everything turns monochrome except except for Dante’s leather jacket which “burns brightly” according to Capcom. We’re not really sure how that slows down time or drains the colors out of an entire city, but that’s probably just because we were too young to rock Michael Jackson leather jackets back in the ’80s.
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Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo

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