Fridays in the Key of Geek: Link Never Rocked This Hard on an Ocarina

Lindsey Stirling tears up a Zelda medley on violin.

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Legend of Zelda tributes and melodies are a dime a dozen, so it takes someone going the extra mile to stand out. We have that today in this Zelda medley directed by Devin Graham. The song itself — arranged and performed by violinist Lindsey Stirling, with orchestral backing produced by Stephen Anderson — was more than good enough to get noticed. But then the group went the extra mile with costuming and setting. They set Lindsey loose to do her distinctive combination of playing and dancing, and the deal was sealed. This is certainly an impressive work they’ve put together, as you can see above with your own eyes. Lindsey’s tagline is, “Have you ever seen a violinist rock out??” Now, without a doubt, I can say I have.

Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams

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