Gamer Brings a Little of Skyrim to E-Readers

A must have for any Dragonborn with a Kindle.

Books of Skyrim

As the Dovahkiin, you traverse Skyrim’s depths and heights in The Elder Scrolls V. It is a world rich in ancient culture and lore, in which one may call upon the skills of a bard to recollect epic tales or read about them in a book. The trouble is, that one tome you seek may be lost in a tomb filled with angry foes, ready to poke or zap you until you ragdoll all over the floor.

Wouldn’t you rather just get the e-book version?

Capaneus, a curious gamer and software developer, decided to delve into the inner-workings of the latest Elder Scrolls game. The series is known for its readable books, and while most modders have spent time adding to the written works of Tamriel, Capaneus found that he could take its tales on the road. After pulling the plain text files, he added a Table of Contents and made them available for download to any e-reader – provided its owner actually has a copy of Skyrim.

While none of these will grant any skill bonuses, you can sing “Rangar the Red” to entertain friends like a true bard, read up on surviving Nordic Ruins or glean decorating tips for your manor in Solitude.

[Source: Kotaku]

Oryanna Corsey
Oryanna Corsey
Oryanna Corsey

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