Get Skyward Sword a Day Early in NYC

Or pass the time until Sunday by drooling over this Penny Arcade artwork inspired by the game.

The first relevant Wii release of the entire year – and possibly the biggest release in the system’s five years on the market – is approaching with all the rapidity of a Hylian boy dive-bombing out of the heavens. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (SS) will be available on Sunday, November 20th and what little social life brief breaks from Skyrim have been affording me will be obliterated. Eating, sleeping, and showering could potentially become luxuries that I can no longer afford.

For lucky gamers in the New York City area, the wait will culminate Saturday morning. Nintendo revealed today that SS will go on sale early from 9 am through 1 pm EST at the Nintendo World store in Rockefeller Center. Attendees will be given a limited edition poster (while supplies last) and will be able to partake in trivia events and have their pictures taken with a replica of the Master Sword.

In another bit of Zelda news, Nintendo has teamed up with Mike Krahulik – “Gabriel” of Penny Arcade – to present what appears to be a series of five comic panels inspired by Link’s latest adventure. The first one is featured above.

Krahulik “was absolutely terrified” that his work would be reviewed by Eiji Aonuma, steward of all things Zelda, and his team. A fan of the series since 1991’s seminal A Link to the Past, the web comic artist put aside his fears and heavy duties at Penny Arcade to get the job done.

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[Image via Penny Arcade.]

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