Get Your Sale on: Fortix 2 Is Dirt Cheap

Get your Qixx action on for dirt cheap.

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With all the big Black Friday specials gently rolling out, we’re all on edge looking for the most impressive deals. While it’ll still be a few days until you can grab those big consoles and blockbuster hits at dirt cheap prices, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some solid sales going on right now. Fortix 2 (reviewed by our own Jason Bond) is currently enjoying a rather nice little sale on Steam. For the next five days, the arcade game has its price slashed by 75 percent down to a measly $2.50. We definitely recommend checking it out.

Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits

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Jason Wersits is a Senior Editor for Mash Those Buttons. A lifetime resident of New Jersey and a diehard Starcraft fan, Jason spends the bulk of his time on the site working with the review staff to cover the games you care oh so much about.

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