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Never use the passwords "God," "love," or "power."

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Not long after Valve’s Steam forums were hacked last week, it turns out that Sony’s websites for both and its free-to-play game Global Resistance have both been taken down due to security reasons. While there is no credit card data which could possibly be tied to these websites, there’s still some threat: if you’re one of those people who uses a universal username and password for everything, those dirty dirty hackers may have that sensitive data. So, youch.

The likelihood of the Steam and Sony hacking being related are slim to nil, but people should still on their toes as always. Being that the compromised Resistance websites have zero bearing (save some stat-tracking) for Resistance 3, fans of the series won’t encounter any issues playing the game online.

[Source via 1up]

Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits
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