First Screenshots from The Last of Us Emerge

Mysterious PS3 exclusive will have trees and newspapers derived from other trees. GOTY.

A few days back we brought you the first teasers for the recently announced PlayStation 3 exclusive title, The Last of Us, and today we’ve got the very first look at the game lined up for you. Whoever is pulling the strings over on the game’s official website (The game’s developer and publisher are still being kept under wraps.) has tossed out the first two screenshots of the game.

The shot above with the sun shining through some trees appears almost too good to be true; it looks like imagery from a CG cut scene rather than an in-game asset. It is, however, clearly labeled as a screenshot. That being said, it’s entirely possible that the game’s marketing team is pulling a fast one and referring to CG as being a screenshot. There’s no way of knowing until the game’s full unveiling this Saturday night during the Spike TV VGAs.

IGN was also able to get their hands on a second screenshot which you can see below. This image doesn’t currently appear anywhere on the game’s official website, so it’s unclear how they came by it. Perhaps there’s something to be said for being the world’s largest gaming news/reviews site. In any case, you can see an obscured shot of what looks to be a public figure – IGN is assuming it’s the president and they may very well have insider info on this – next to an American flag and the name of the game printed as the headline.

A little something extra has also been tacked onto the end of the teaser featuring footage of an ant suffering from a fungal infection known as cordyceps. The video cuts to black about halfway through and an obviously distressed male seems to be jiggling a handle or banging on a door while breathing heavily. It concludes with a terrifying female howl.

What does it all mean? All signs are pointing to a survival horror or action title full of “not-zombies” in which the few remaining healthy individuals in the game world are being pursued by carriers of a viral or fungal infection. Of course, it’s also possible that we are being intentionally misguided and set up for something entirely different. Either way, the truth is just a few days away with the VGAs airing this Saturday night at 8pm EST.

[Source: The Last of Us Official Site]

[Image via IGN.]

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