“Gun-like” Avatar Items Being Removed From Xbox Live Marketplace

Guns don't kill people, avatars do.

Look how happy my avatar looks with the “Golden Hammerburst”

Do you enjoy the weapons that your avatar on Xbox has?  Bet you feel like a badass when someone pulls up your gamertag and sees your avatar wielding an iconic weapon.  More recently, the Lancer and Hammerburst guns have been popular amongst both fans of Gears of War 3 and those that are fans of awesome looking guns.

Due to a change in policy regarding “gun-like” items on the avatar marketplace, these items will no longer be allowed unless you had already bought them.  This all comes from a forum post by a community manager of Epic Games, that indicated that players should “get them while they’re hot”.  So, the details aren’t completely clear here, and they’ll surely be completely revealed at some point.  It would seem a little unfair if some avatars could display them, and some couldn’t due to a technicality regarding when you bought them.  Perhaps they will not be visible to anyone but the person owning them?

All of this kicks off January 1st, 2012, or “the day your avatars got a lot lamer”.  What’s next?  Swords and lightsabers?  These things tend to not happen unless something had happened to change the rules, so we all have to wonder what that was.


[Source: Epic Games]

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Jessica Weimar
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