Konami Offering ‘Free’ Game with Japanese Launch Vitas

It's free! With some catches...

Konami is being super generous by offering those participating in the Japanese launch of Sony’s PlayStation Vita a free downloadable title. The thing about that whole “free game” is that the only thing that is free is the base game, with players having to purchase addition levels if they want the full experience. It’s not a new concept for gaming, but it’s doesn’t feel any less like a cheap move now than it has in the past.

The game is called AR Combat Digi Q, and it’s a vehicular game of sorts. Combat Digi has 40 stages, but only the first five are free. The rest of the levels range in price, with levels that are higher up in number costing more. It has no planned release date in North America or Europe.  

It looks like the publisher is trying to bring the pay-as-you-go gaming experience over from iPhones and Androids, but it’s success is yet to be seen.

[Source: Kotaku]

[Image via Kotaku.]

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