New PlayStation 3 Exclusive Teased

The Last of Us gets its first teaser ahead of its VGA unveiling.

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A mysterious new exclusive game, The Last of Us, is in the works for the PS3, and its coming-out party is scheduled for the December 10th Spike VGA show. We’re currently in the dark as to what studio is developing the title, what type of game it is, when it will release, and even whether or not it’s actually going to be worth getting excited over.

Nevertheless, the first teaser trailer for the game was released today on its official website. There’s no in-game footage or even pre-rendered cut-scenes. Instead, all that’s on offer is some clipped together footage of people panicking and running for their lives in the face of some horrifying real world disasters while someone—the main character, perhaps—talks over it and pines for a more normal life. There’s also a video of an ant. So, yeah, there’s that.

Lastly, the website has the date December 7th is listed for some unknown reason. Again, the VGAs are not until the tenth of this month. Perhaps another cryptic trailer will be released on Wednesday, or maybe that’s the day when we’ll be forced to bow down to our new ant overlords. I’m pulling for the former.

[Source: The Last of Us Official Site]

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