PlayStation Vita Wants to Flash You

It's not as good as it sounds.

We couldn’t resist the play on words here, but seriously, Sony wants to bring Flash support to the PlayStation Vita. But wanting and doing are two different things, which is why its inclusion is up for debate between many sources. PlayStation executive Muneki Shimada commented that Sony is “not giving up” their efforts to bring Flash to the highly-anticipated handheld gaming system, but the matters that still need to be negotiated before it becomes a reality are not entirely clear.

Adobe staffers were told by executives that Flash would no longer be supported on mobile devices (days later, in fact), but it was not evident as to precisely which devices would be included under that referendum. Guaranteed to be devoid of Flash is the next iteration of Android phones. While that seems fairly cut and dry, some of the biggest game engine developers in the world (Epic Games, Unity Technologies) have voiced their support of Flash with their engines. I suppose we’ll find out when PlayStation Vita launches this February – hopefully sooner.

[Source: Develop Online]

[Image via The Guardian UK]

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
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