Today’s Xbox Deals are Halo Themed

If you haven't picked up Halo: Reach yet, now may be a good time.

Microsoft is hosting twelve days of deals on XBox Live, and we are on day eight.  Today is notable because it is all about Halo:Reach.  Not only is the core game on sale for $29.99, but a number of the map packs and avatar items are on sale as well.  The Reach Noble and Defiant map packs are on sale for 400 Microsoft points (down from 800).  The Anchor Nine (Premium) and Noble Team Dashboard themes are on sale for 120 points (down from 240).  The Energy Sword prop is also half price at 120 points.  Lastly, the female and male Kat Spartan 320 armor for your avatar are available for 200 points each (down from 400).  Please note: these prices are only valid for today through the Microsoft Xbox marketplace.


[Source: Major Nelson]

[Image via Bungie]

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar

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