UMDs: Sony Still Makes Those?

Two games together, that means people will buy them, right?

It looks like despite the fact that the PlayStation Vita is due to be released on February 22, 2012, Sony still wants to make money off of their soon-to-be outdated handheld console, the PlayStation Portable.  PSPs can still be bought in stores, and are still being shipped out regardless of their impending doom.  What has not been released are games for it, and any trip to your local retailer will confirm a sparse selection for these games.

Sony understands your need to play old games.  They want to cash in on this, so they are releasing three separate game dual packs for the PSP in January.  Now little Johnny will have something to play in that handheld gaming system that you (or a relative) thought you got at a “steal” of a price.  The games included in these packs are not recent titles, and only one of them is halfway decent.  The first bundle comes with Twisted Metal: Head On and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge.  The second bundle comes with Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee and Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip.  The third, and by far best, bundle comes with Patapon and LocoRoco.  Both of these games are legitimately fun games, and one of them even makes use of the PSP’s ability to sense whether or not it is tilted.

Aside from being available as physical packs in actual stores, they will also be available via download on the PlayStation Network.  Or you could just wait until the Vita comes out.


[Source: Joystiq]

[Image via Joystiq]

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