Beat Hazard Music Visualizer Available On iTunes; Optometrists Rejoice!

Last time I played I saw Jesus.

Beat Hazard has some of the most intense visuals I’ve ever seen.  On one particular occasion when I was playing with visuals at 200% (because who needs eyes?), a series of explosions took place that left me seeing only the color purple for about 30 seconds.  I loved every second of it.  You can now have that retina-burning, seizure-inducing light show bombarding your brain without even opening Beat Hazard.  The Beat Hazard Music Visualizer is now available for download in iTunes.  It’s free so you have no reason to not grab it.  Your optometrist approves of this message.

Image Source: iTunes

Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding

Executive Director

Jarret is Executive Director as well as one of the founding members of Mash Those Buttons. He plays all types of games, but tends to lean more toward FPS, Stealth, and Combat games.

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