Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Arriving Next Week

Save the demo, save the world.

If waiting several more weeks to play the biggest JRPG of 2012 isn’t a proposition that you’re particularly jazzed up over, then today is your lucky day. Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be getting a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 demo in just a few days. It’ll hit the Xbox 360 in North America and Europe on January 11th. Euro PS3 gamers will also get the demo on that date, while NA PlayStation owners will gain access one day earlier on the 10th.

After consulting the Mayan calendar, MTB can now confidently confirm that the demo’s release dates are both before the JRPG’s January 31st launch date and will also come to pass prior to the end of existence as we know it; so things are definitely looking up.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep holding out hope that an orphaned boy or girl whose hometown was burned down by a nefarious Mayan with a penchant for maniacal laughs and long monologues will discover that he or she is the only one that can save the world before December 21st. Or at least buy us some more time, because these Final Fantasy games tend to take a while to play through.

[Source: Square Enix Members]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo

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