Fresh from the Rumor Mill: Microsoft Points will Change to Dollars by End of 2012

No more busting out a calculator for space dollars.

Recent whispers out of the rumor mill have been predicting the demise of the Microsoft Points currency system. According to a recent news story on Inside Mobile Apps, an uncredited source “with knowledge of the company’s decision” has stated that 360 owners and Zune owners (all eight of them) will see Microsoft abandon its Points system for good old-fashioned dollars and cents. The new system will focus on a transaction system not unlike that which can be has been used in the Playstation Network.

Although it a major departure from the current Points-based marketplace may be strange at first, welcoming it with open arms should be quite easy. The day we can all say farewell to busting out a calculator to check the Points-to-dollars ratio (which is 125 Micro-points to $1, by the way) will be a good day indeed.

[Source via Inside Mobile Apps]

Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits

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