Guild Wars 2 Beta Announced, Game to be Released This Year

It's a good year to be a dragon.

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Remember this sexy game? Well, it hasn’t forgotten about it you either. ArenaNet has announced that they have just finished their first closed beta and are moving into larger beta testing groups. In February they’ll be inviting press to participate, then in March and April expand the size of beta testing further. For everyone excited to get in on the action, watch their website, Facebook page, and their blog for more information about the beta.

The biggest news: All the beta testing happening will lead into the Guild Wars 2 release later this year. ArenaNet Founder and President, Mike O’Brien says, “So this year, the Year of the Dragon, let’s usher out old thinking – the tired old quest model, stiff repetitive combat, and monthly fees – and usher in the new.”



Katie Horstman
Katie Horstman
Katie Horstman

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