Japanese Retailers Slash Vita 3G Price to Move Units

Relatively low sales numbers motivate retailers to drop the Vita's price.

Try as hard as Sony might, it just doesn’t seem that the PS Vita has been able to build up enough momentum in Japan to trump Nintendo’s 3DS. After low sales numbers in its first week of release, it’s become apparent that the PS Vita is making Japanese retailers a little uneasy. It seems that some stores have gone as far as to slash the price of the device by as much as 20 percent. Considering that the new Sony handheld hasn’t even been out for a full month, this news has to be hitting the top guys at Sony pretty hard. Releasing the device right before Christmas may not have paid off as much as Sony would have liked.

We can’t be certain yet what this will all mean when the PS Vita finally comes Stateside in the near future. It’s quite possible that the fairly dramatic sales cut of about 25,000 yen is little more than a reactionary move to get these things moving off retailers’ shelves. At the same time we could potentially see a slightly lower price tag on the US version of the Vita to encourage early adopters. For the moment, all we can do is look to Japan to see if Sony’s little device can get gamers to jump on-board.

[Source: GamesRadar]

Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits
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