Madden 12 Simulation Crowns G-Men Super Bowl Champs

Giants make a field goal with 3 seconds left to win the game... is this real life?

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The New York Giants captured their fourth Vince Lombardi Trophy, defeating the New England Patriots 27-24 in Super Bowl XLVI, according to the annual EA SPORTS Madden NFL Super Bowl simulation powered by Xbox 360, the official console sponsor of the NFL and NFL PLAY 60.

Kicker Lawrence Tynes kicked a game-winning 40-yard field goal as time expired to lift the Giants past the AFC Champion Patriots, bringing home the Giants’ second Super Bowl championship in four years.

The prophets have spoken. Super Bowl XLVI will not be just a boring rematch of of Super Bowl XLII, but it will contain a nail-biting fourth quarter spectacular staring Tom Brady. However, in this simulation, Tom Brady won’t be crowned champion this time in Indianapolis. For the Madden Super Bowl six out of the last eight predicted champions have been correct. However, I would hold all bets on the Giants.

Since returning from the lockout the NFL season has been bizarre. The Bills started out winning and ended an 8 year losing streak to the Patriots at home field. The Bengals had a winning season led by a rookie ginger. The Packers looked ready to make history with an undefeated season, last accomplished by the 1972 Dolphins. The 49ers showed a hint of the 1980’s team, thanks to Jim Harbaugh. Cam Newton looked like rookie of the year in week one. Then all hell broke lose: Tebowmania.

All I do is win. Till I lose. Badly.

Remember how that fool that almost made it to the playoffs? I’m not for him or against him, but the media raped my eyes and ears with the over-coverage of a mediocre quarterback that throws like a girl. Then the undefeated Packers lost to the Chiefs that were led by… Kyle Orton. Sexy Rexy (Grossman) actually led the Redskins to some wins — and some embarrassing losses. The Eagles trolled every Eagles fan again. Finally, Peyton Manning had to watch from the sideline as a team he helped build to prominence suffered a 2-14 season.

The only thing normal from the above paragraph was the Eagles trolling. The NFL was flipped upside down and pick ’em leagues didn’t know what to do each week. All this leads me to believe that taking your life savings to the bookie based on the Madden sim alone would be bad for your knees. Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned — but neither of those have shit on meeting a pissed-off Tom Brady on the field. Brady holds a grudge, he remembers that last time you beat him, and he uses it. He becomes the Beatrix Kiddo of quarterbacks, and sets out to cross you off his list. Eli Manning has a team of Giants to protect him, but eventually Brady gets to everyone. Will we see an alternate ending on Super Bowl Sunday, with Eli victorious, or will he not make it more than five steps in the final minutes? Choose your team wisely, see you at the Super Bowl.

The motherf’ing Super Bowl, specifically.

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