New Hawken Concept Art Emerges (with Update on Progress)

The first interaction from Adhesive Games in months shares a little of what's in store.

In this concept you can see the intended scale of the Hawken mechs.

Things have been quiet when it comes to Hawken, the new indie game from Adhesive Games that blew up the internet last March with its first trailer. The game was originally aiming for an early 2012 release, but there hasn’t been any new information since October about the game. On January 5th, Adhesive Games Animator and Co-Founder Chris Lalli took to the forums with a batch of concept art, and a message for their growing community.

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone!

First and foremost let me apologize for the extended silence on our end. I’d like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as the Adhesive crew lays low and continues work on Hawken. For a few different reasons we can’t currently share specific details or progress on the game, the team is still engaged in “stealth mode” for a little while longer.

Just know that we’ve taken fan suggestions to heart and are working to make Hawken a deeper experience (but still MP only :-P ).

So the good news is that the game is alive and well and with even more content. In fact, Adhesive Games is looking to fill a few more positions on the Hawken team. To see what we’re looking for, head over to the newly created “Jobs” section on the forums (which should have some listings posted tomorrow).

For now we can’t reveal anything too mindblowingly new, but we’d like to share a few screenshots and tidbits of concept art from the game (which I’ve peppered throughout this post).

Thank you once again for your patience, support, and feedback… and don’t worry, you’ll definitely be hearing some more significant news from us in the coming months!

P.S. – We’re going to give away a few extra team t-shirts to forum-goers so keep checking the t-shirt thread for more info on that.

So despite the game probably missing its intended early 2012 release, things look very positive on the development front. If you’re interested in seeing the new jobs Adhesive is hiring for, you can head their new job forum. Otherwise, you can take a look at the new concept art in the gallery below.

One thing that I’d like to point out is the creatures lurking in the “Red_Lights Concept” piece. Will there also be environmental hazards to deal with for mechs, or are aspects like these creatures just being used to flesh out the world of Hawken? Only time will tell. Look out for our recap of all things Hawken later this week.

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