PlayStation Vita Data Plans Outed by AT&T Employee

On the go internet for Vita may cost you quite a bit.

While most corporate representatives are quick to clam up when the media starts asking questions about upcoming products, it can almost always be counted on that a retail level employee will spill their guts.  Speaking from the point of view of someone who has worked in retail stores for years, generally they still get information that consumers may not be privvy to, even though they aren’t supposed to say something.

The website Gamezone spoke with a AT&T retail store employee after several failed attempts at reaching them on a corporate level, and got a little information out of them.  Keep in mind that since this information is directly from an employee, it could be just another rumor, as retail employees are not the most reliable source for information and it has not been confirmed on a corporate level.

Apparently, the Vita will not be special in regards to data plan packages; the prices for the packages are about the same as other devices using the service, such as the iPad.  Currently, there are supposed to be two packages which will be available at launch.  A plan with 250MB of data will be $14.99 per month.  A plan with 2GB of data will be $25 per month.

Watching videos (such as on YouTube, although the service is not currently available on the Vita) or streaming music will eat up data very quickly, but playing games online will be a slower process on costing you money.  Three hundred a year will be the going rate to keep a 2GB plan.  There doesn’t seem to be any sort of unlimited data plan, but paying month to month means it can be cancelled if person does not plan to use it constantly.  A better option would be to run the Wi-Fi off of your phone’s existing data package (if your phone offers an option to output a hotspot), than to pay that much per month.


[Source: Gamezone]

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