Scarygirl Is Coming to the Gaming World

The girl with the tentacle arm is coming!



Nathan Jurevicius’ graphic novel Scarygirl is now making its way to your gaming system of choice. Square Enix and TikGames are bringing the story to life on Xbox 360 January 18th and PlayStation 3 on January 24th. A PC version will also be available some time early this year.

Scarygirl, is a girl who was born with a tentacle arm and likes to dress as a pirate. She is on an adventure to figure out the meaning behind her bad dreams. The young lady won’t be doing it alone, though; she will have her friends from the graphic novels, such as Blister the giant octopus and Bunniguru the kung-fu rabbit, to help her along the way.

Cathy Rouleau
Cathy Rouleau
Cathy Rouleau

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Cathy enjoys playing video games to relax/escape from a long day. She really likes puzzle games as well as games that have a strong female lead. She is also kind of a poor gamer (as in money), so she tends to pick her games carefully. That way she can get the maximum fun for the cheapest cost.

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