Killing Floor Sells Over One Million Copies; Celebrates With a Sale

Proving that the big boys just aren't doing it right.

While some developers and publisher like to think that PC is filled with pirates and freeloaders, Tripwire is proving that this is not the case.  Tripwire Interactive has announced that Killing Floor has sold more than 1 million copies (1.1 million to be exact) in the two and a half years it’s been available.  Tripwire is completely independent, so the reason for Killing Floor‘s success isn’t a big advertising budget.  Instead, I believe its success comes from Tripwire’s continued support of the game; not just through paid DLC, but also free holiday events.

On top of that, the release of the Killing Floor SDK allowed for the creation of hundreds of custom maps and community mods.  Over the past few years community SDK’s haven’t been too popular, but Tripwire is proving what a useful (and valuable) tool it can be.  To celebrate, Tripwire is offering Killing Floor at an 85% discount for the next few days as part of Steam’s “Midweek Madness.”  If you haven’t picked up Killing Floor, I highly recommend checking it out.  You can find it on this Steam page.

If this proves anything, it’s that the PC community will be good to you if you are good to them.  Tripwire sent over some additional stats that I’ll post below.  The “big boys”  and PC doubters should take a look at them since Tripwire just let you know that you aren’t doing it right.

  • 1.1 MILLION copies of Killing Floor sold on PC in 2 and a half years
  • Nearly 2 million Killing Floor DLC packs sold
  • 45 MILLION hours of Killing Floor played to date
  • 440 MILLION Zeds have been dispatched in Achievements alone – including more than a quarter-million Christmas Santa
  • Zeds are being killed by you at the rate of over 20,000 an hour!
  • Hundreds of custom maps have been created by the community


Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding

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