Sony’s Next Handheld Now Playable in a Gamestop Near You

You can now play the PS Vita at a local retailer. Chances are someone else broke the system before you arrived though.

As anyone who has been following the track record of the Playstation Vita can tell you, things haven’t been particularly in favor the system’s survival. Reports out of Japan of retailers doing massive price drops and a generally declining sales record have had many a critic muttering the doom of the next big portable device well before its US debut. We at Mash Those Buttons aren’t certain as to whether the North American debut of the system will buck any trends, but potential customers can at least now see how they feel about the Vita f0r themselves.

As of this week, a number of Gamestop locations (over 3,300 if the number is to be believed) are host to playable demos of the PS Vita. If you want to drop in to one of the shops and give the new handheld a quick play, go right for it. Being a former employee of Gamestop myself, I give you full permission to throw the kid whose parents have left at the shop off the system. He’ll be playing for at least three hours unless you ask him to move over.

[Source via Joystiq]

Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits

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