Bungie Co-founder ‘Would Be Surprised’ if Microsoft Ruined Halo 4

Halo 4 is upcoming and we, as accepting fans, must keep in mind that it may end up being terrible.

In an interview with GameSpot, Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian put his two cents in on what he expects with regards to the upcoming Halo 4.  It seems that, although he is optimistic, there’s still a little doubt there too.  Who could blame him?  I mean, the Halo series is often what people think of when it comes to the phrase “Xbox exclusive”.  With that kind of notoriety accompanying something that you created, wouldn’t you be worried that the people that took over the series would screw it up too?

Although Seropian’s words appeared somewhat optimistic, they still are peppered with uncertainty.  “I don’t think I can be anything other than hopeful that it will be great. We’ll see. Halo is one of the crown jewels in the Microsoft gaming IP, if not the crown jewel, so you would expect nothing less than for them to take the time needed and apply the resources needed to make it great. I would be pretty surprised if they wiffed it. Maybe it will bring a fresh perspective, and that’s so hard because there’s so many fans that are used to a particular thing that bringing something new is often…it’s hard to bring something new to a franchise that’s so established. I’m looking forward to it.”

Let’s hope that his optimism is not unfounded.  With the recent changes in the multiplayer modes of Halo: Reach, though, I’m skeptical of the changes that could be made. Things have changed, such as the ability to only vote between two different maps per voting round for a match, and it isn’t welcome by all of us. I’m not expecting a a strict adherence to the already great formula of the games, I am just hoping it to not be as bad as some movie sequels.  Halo 4, don’t be the video game world’s ‘Spiderman 3.’


[Source: Game Rant]

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