Record Numbers for Assassin’s Creed III Pre-Orders

Cathy Rouleau
Staff Writer
March 29th, 2012


It has been just under month since the official announcement of Assassin’s Creed III‘s release this October 30th, and pre-orders are making records for Ubisoft.  U.S. pre-order sales are ten times higher than they were for Assassin’s Creed Revelation (over the same time period).  Seems like Ubisoft has really found a great game design; let’s hope they don’t mess it up.

This time we are transported to America in the 18th century when the colonies are on the verge of Revolution.  We are also introduced to a new Assassin, Connor Kenway who’s mother is Native American and father is British.  He has pledged his life to the cause of freedom after seeing the devastation to his village.

[Image: Assassin’s Creed III]

[Source: Assassin’s Creed III & Games Industry ]


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