Hell Yeah! Hands-on at PAX East 2012 – Don’t Talk Shit About the Prince of Hell

The rabbit is comin', you better start runnin'.

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What happens when you find out that everyone in hell and their mother is talking shit about you after some intimate pictures are leaked? You must prove to everyone just how much of a pissed-off, bad-ass Prince of Darkness you are by killing everyone. Hell Yeah! (HY!) is an action-adventure platformer that takes place in Hell. Ash, the Prince of Hell, is a devil rabbit.

Ash rolls through Hell on a jet pack powered saw blade cutting through walls and monsters. Hell is a huge place, containing ten worlds filled with secret areas and side quests. There are plenty of things to accomplish within Hell, so Hell Yeah! should offers hours of gameplay for those who love getting 100% completion. There are 30 mini-games that revolve around Ash’s “Finish Him!” killing moves. Loot is spread throughout the levels that players can spend customizing and upgrading their weapons of death.

Hell Yeah!

SEGA’s booth at this year’s PAX East showcased many other titles, some being more high profile than HY!, yet this game was still able to stand out amongst the many offerings. I tend to have a great love for games of the unusual kind that offer ridiculous content.

First, I was drawn to the art design. Within a matter of seconds I was attracted to the sheer amount of blood-covered violence being dished out by that handsome little rabbit. I grabbed a controller and started Ash’s journey of kicking ass and taking names in Hell. At the beginning of the playthrough things seemed boring, lacking a special something I could see on the TV next to me. It turned out that Arkedo Studios gave players about three minutes to get a handle on the platforming and controls before handing over the first weapon of destruction.

Throughout the levels are individuals that are loyal to Ash and stay out of the gossip. The first encounter is with Nestor, a top hat wearing squid, he offers tips and tutorials and finally gives you the jet pack-powered saw blade. From that moment on the special spark I’d seen was in effect, and nonstop violence and laughs ensued.

Hell Yeah!

While cutting through the standard hell creatures the Prince comes across others that are actively laughing at his leaked photos. Of course, they must die. Ash gets to use specials on these assholes. The special will appear on the screen and mashing the button in accordance will cover the entire screen in blood. Also, Ash being covered in his victim’s blood will restore health. Because it’s Hell, there are blood waterfalls he can stand in to rejuvenate. However, it’s much more fun to destroy a shit-talking creature and gain health at the cost of their demise.

Ash has a mouth on him; not a cursing one, but more the attitudinal kind. He’s quick to say what players normally think in the same situation. In the middle of a run towards a boss, he is hit with the Quiz of Doom, “What is the average lifetime of a dead rabbit?” Your gut reaction is probably the answer. Answer the question right and receive the reward of totally overkilling an opponent. I’m not sure what happens if you answer incorrectly, but it wouldn’t be far off to assume that something awful happens.

The controls make HY! easy for anyone to pick up and fully enjoy this adventure with Ash. It’s due out this summer on PC, PSN and XBLA. It’s only single player, but a game like this can be played in a room full of people for their amusement. Hell is about to see the fury and wrath of a dead rabbit scorned.

Katie Horstman
Katie Horstman
Katie Horstman

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