Prototype 2 Adds New DLC and Companion App for iOS and Android

New DLC for Prototype 2.


If you enjoyed Prototype 2, Activision aims to extend your fun with two batches of DLC and a companion app for iOS and Android devices.  The DLC pack that is currently out is the “Colossal Mayhem” pack, which adds new powers and skins for your character as well as a new weapon, the “Thermobaric Boom-Stick.”  This DLC pack is available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live for $5.  The next DLC pack will be available May 29th, the “Excessive Force” pack.  This one will include more powers and skins yet, and a “Viral Infector” grenade launcher.

A free companion app has been released for iOS and Android devices, which is completely free for the base app.  Players can use the app to keep track of achievements and in-game collectible items using the in-app maps.  The base app only includes one map, The Yellow Zone.  The other two maps can be purchased in-app for $2.


[Source: Joystiq]

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