Kingdom Hearts 3D Vignette Video

Check out Sora and Riku in the new 3DS title.

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The new english trailer of Kingdom Hearts 3D was recently released today that shows off Sora, Riku, and actual game play. The game looks pretty good on the handheld and has some impressive visuals. The game play will use many things from Birth By Sleep, but also add a few touches that will be specific to Dream Drop Distance. What is really cool is that the game will have some cameos from the cult DS game The World Ends With You (easily my favorite DS game), and have a level based off of Tron Legacy.  I am a Kingdom Hearts fan and all these trailers and media are making me want this game more and more. Check out the trailer above. Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance will be released on July 20, 2012

[Video via KHInsiderSite]




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