Who Knew Georgia Could be so Dangerous?

Are we finally going to get a good first person survival horror zombie game?

Not to be confused with our previous reviews, Activision and Terminal Reality have already begun production on a new first person game that will follow Merle and Daryl Dixon of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  The developer has stated that gamers will be surprised at how gruesome and complex the game will be when it’s completed; players will have to use their wits to survive many encounters, and make fight or flight decisions often.  One of the running themes in zombie media is that there is no truly safe place and that the dead are relentless.

If Daryl isn’t careful in his travels across post apocalyptic Georgia, the walkers who use sight, sound and smell can easily amass in numbers to put an end to the story fairly quickly.  I think the lesson in most of this is tread lightly, and assess and analyze every situation quickly in this post apocalyptic zombie world.  The Walking Dead is set to drop sometime in 2013.

Jason Bond
Jason Bond
Jason Bond

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