PAX East 2013 Cosplay Gallery

Another year of amazing costumes at PAX East!

Here are just some of the great costumes we got to see at PAX East 2013! Thanks to everyone who dressed up!

If you’d like to know or see more about some of the cosplayers at PAX East 2013, we included some information about their sites and Facebook pages below the gallery. If I missed any of you and you’d like your site or facebook page featured, please drop me a line!

Check out our feature on the cosplayers we met at PAX East 2013.

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Mai Sheri Costumes

Sallendria Cosplay

Ghost Busters of New Hampshire

White Rabbit Costuming


Aeneia’s Cosplay

Danielle Beaulieu Cosplay

Epickiwii Cosplay




Joel Couture
Joel Couture
Joel Couture

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