Pulsar Alpha Footage Shows Off Multiplayer Dogfighting

Maybe this can help bring the space flight combat genre back.

A few weeks back when I visited the Philly Game Forge I had the opportunity to play Pulsar for a bit.  The game is in alpha, but the concept and promise was very easy to see.  Pulsar is a space flight combat game that focuses heavily on multiplayer, supporting four teams of up to eight players at this time.  Each team starts in their own quadrant and can use warp gates to get to other quadrants, but it looks like there is a central quadrant where the teams will meet up most of the time.

I quickly found out that the game isn’t just about straight up dogfighting and out maneuvering your opponents.  A pilots primary resource is energy, which can be depleted by shooting, boosting, taking damage, and even jumping through warp gates.  If you’re not careful (like me), you’ll quickly find yourself out of energy and a sitting duck.  Above is a video that shows off some of the games dogfighting  in it’s current state.  Check out our video from the Philly Game Forge below.  Around 5:00 Laurence Grate, founder of 3DMuve, starts talking about Pulsar.


Cathy Rouleau
Cathy Rouleau
Cathy Rouleau

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