Impress the Gods: Jotun Preview

From the pits of indie development comes a refreshingly unique scenario for a game. A successful Kickstarter backed game, Jotun lets you take control of a fallen Viking warrior. Now near the gates of Valhalla, you’ll have to “Impress the Gods” to make your way into the holy land. As you can imagine, it won’t be easy. There is harsh weather to conquer as well as giants to slay as you bid tribute to the gatekeepers. From its fluid animation to the gorgeous larger than life levels, Jotun brings a memorable first impression in its current closed beta.

Nick (WoW! Talk!) and Andres (Double Tap) dive into the preview build of this epic 2D exploration game.


Video gaming runs in his blood. Andres' earliest memories have games involved in it, whether it be the now-endangered arcades or home consoles. Video games are nothing more than elaborate puzzles to be solved which drives him to beat as many as he can. He truly enjoys the culture of video gaming and doesn't discriminate any genres to play. Except sports games, they suck.